Case Study: Sweet Insights & Feedback from our Sampling Program

Published on 18 Oct, '23 by HelloFresh Group

Case Study: Sweet Insights & Feedback from our Sampling Program

We're dedicated to making our customers' culinary experiences even better, which is why we partnered with a well-known chocolate brand through our product sampling program. The objective was clear: gather genuine customer feedback on one of the chocolate brand's existing product lines to refine their offerings, while simultaneously delighting our customers' taste buds.

The Challenge

The chocolate brand, despite its popularity, recognized the importance of continuous improvement and staying attuned to customer preferences. They approached us with the goal of collecting authentic feedback from a diverse set of consumers across Canada.

The Approach

  1. Product Sampling Program: HelloFresh distributed chocolate samples to 40,000 households across Canada. This wide distribution ensured a diverse range of feedback and a substantial number of survey respondents.
  2. Quantitative Survey: The HelloFresh team meticulously designed a 5-minute quantitative survey. This survey aimed to gather specific insights and feedback on various aspects of the chocolate, from taste and texture to packaging and overall satisfaction.
  3. Open-ended Feedback: In addition to the structured survey, open-ended questions were included. These allowed customers to freely express their opinions, providing rich qualitative data that could be invaluable for future marketing materials.

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Results and Impact

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive:

  • Average Product Rating: The chocolate received an impressive average rating of 4.85 out of 5.
  • “They make great chocolate! I go to [company] when I want chocolate I can savour- not just eat quickly.”
  • “They are my favourite chocolate. I haven't visited my local store due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and this just reminded me how much I love their taste. Now I want some more.”
  • “We immediately fell in love and crave more. My son loved it and told us to buy it from the grocery as soon as possible! One of the best chocolates we've ever tasted. Awesomeness!”
  • “I've always enjoyed [company] chocolate. The coupon code and add-ins to the box are a nice bonus. I may order some [company] chocolate due to the coupon code.”

The collaboration between us and the chocolate brand was a success. Our customers were not only satisfied, but the feedback we collected played a crucial role. It provided the chocolate brand with invaluable insights, aiding them in understanding their customers better and refining their marketing strategies.

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