Case Study: Mother’s Day Success with a Confectionary Campaign

Published on 18 Oct, '23 by HelloFresh Group

Case Study: Mother’s Day Success with a Confectionary Campaign

We are always trying to find opportunities to make the holidays special for our customers. That’s why we chose to partner with a leading confectionary brand over Mother's Day. Our joint venture aimed to drive sales of their product line, while offering our customers a delightful treat to complement their home-cooked meals.

The Challenge

Confectionary sales are fiercely competitive around key holidays, especially Mother’s Day. When a renowned brand reached out to us seeking a way to stand out amidst the competition, we came up with a solution.

The Approach

We leveraged the HelloFresh platform to sweeten the brand’s visibility among our customers. 

  1. HelloPerks Inserts Program: Recognizing the competitive landscape, we decided to utilize our HelloPerks inserts program to differentiate the brand during the Mother's Day season. We offered an exclusive 20% discount on their products, both at retail outlets and online.
  2. Collaborative Design: The HelloFresh team collaborated closely with the confectionary brand to design an insert with a compelling offer. This offer was tailored to be more competitive than other market offers, ensuring it would capture our customers' attention.
  3. Volume and Reach: A total of 25,000 inserts were strategically placed in meal kits prior to Mother’s Day, maximizing the potential for conversions and engagement.
  4. Engaging Content: The inserts resonated with the spirit of Mother’s Day, emphasizing the joy of sharing sweet moments with loved ones and presenting an offer that was hard to resist.

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Results and Impact

The collaboration yielded impressive results:

  • Conversions: Out of the 25,000 inserts, we observed 210 conversions, translating to a conversion rate of 0.75%.
  • Revenue Boost: The campaign generated a revenue of $13,000.00, with an average order value of $57.47.
  • Return on Investment: The campaign achieved a 1.25 ROI, marking it as a profitable venture for both HelloFresh and the confectionary brand.

By leveraging the unique HelloPerks inserts program and crafting a compelling offer, we stood out in a highly competitive market. As a result, the success of this campaign not only drove sales during Mother's Day, but solidified future collaborations between HelloFresh and this confectionary brand.

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