Case Study: Elevating Culinary Experiences Through Recipe Integration

Published on 18 Oct, '23 by HelloFresh Group

Case Study: Elevating Culinary Experiences Through Recipe Integration

We are always looking for partners who can enrich our customers' dining experiences. A great recent example is our successful collaboration with a renowned cheese brand. Our goal was to introduce our customers to premium cheese varieties, while driving conversions for the brand and amplifying the awareness of select products.

The Challenge

A top-tier cheese brand approached us with an exciting proposition: to integrate their premium cheeses into our diverse range of recipes. The challenge was to craft dishes that would not only tantalize the taste buds but also inspire our customers to explore these cheeses in their own kitchen adventures.

The Approach

We embarked on this journey with a comprehensive strategy:

  1. Exclusive Coupons: To incentivize trials, we offered our customers a special discount on select cheese varieties. Alongside this, we provided information detailing the unique attributes of these cheeses, encouraging a deeper appreciation and purchase intent.
  2. Subtle Recipe Integration: In the weeks that followed, we introduced dishes that incorporated these premium cheeses without overt branding. This allowed our customers to naturally discover and appreciate the cheeses' versatility and rich flavors.
  3. Targeted Email Promotion: We reached out to our loyal customer base with a promotional email, spotlighting the upcoming recipes featuring these premium cheeses and encouraging them to order.
  4. Engaging Social Media Campaigns: We leveraged our strong online presence, especially on Instagram, to generate buzz around our new dishes. Through engaging posts, stories, and interactive polls, we captured the attention and curiosity of our audience.

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Results and Impact

The collaboration yielded a remarkable outcome.

  • Positive Feedback: Our customers were thrilled with the dishes featuring the premium cheeses. They praised the blend of flavors and textures, with many expressing hope for these dishes to become regular menu staples.

    “This was one of my most favourite meals yet!! I was sad when I ate the last bite. I hope this shows up on the menu again soon!”

    “Really enjoyed the texture of the Halloumi. We never tried it before. The meal was tasty and satisfying."
  • Broadened Culinary Horizons: This partnership expanded our customers' cheese palate, introducing them to exquisite cheese varieties they might not have tried before.
  • Impressive Recipe Rating: Due to a diverse range of cheese flavors and innovative approach, the recipes received a remarkable rating of 3.43 out of 4, showcasing a high level of satisfaction among our customers.

Our collaboration with the premium cheese brand was a resounding success. Not only did we achieve our partner’s objective of driving conversions, but we also deepened our customers' appreciation for gourmet cheeses. The positive feedback is a testament to the effectiveness of such a collaboration.

If you're interested in working with us on a recipe integration or a different type of partnership, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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