Case Study: Brewing Success with a Product Sampling Partnership

Published on 18 Oct, '23 by HelloFresh Group

Case Study: Brewing Success with a Product Sampling Partnership

We are always striving to find delightful additions to share with our customers. Our recent collaboration with an international tea brand during the cozy fall season perfectly showcases this commitment. Our joint venture aimed to introduce our customers to two new flavors of tea, complemented by an enticing discount offer.

The Challenge

The international tea brand, keen on introducing their new flavors to Canadian consumers, approached us with a unique proposition. They envisioned leveraging the HelloFresh platform to drive product trials and subsequent purchases of their tea flavors.

To ensure our customers had a memorable tea experience:

  1. Product Sampling Program: Recognizing the aromatic allure of tea, we designed a sampling program. Given the sensory nature of tea and beverages, this approach was chosen over our inserts program. The "liquid to lips" strategy was believed to be more effective in driving genuine interest and conversions.
  2. Engaging Packaging: Two tea samples were attached to a meticulously designed insert card. This card carried a clear Call to Action (CTA) to encourage trial and further exploration.
  3. Exclusive Discounts: To drive purchase intent and sweeten the deal, a 20% discount voucher, redeemable both at retail stores and online, was included with the tea samples.
  4. Directing Traffic: The ultimate goal was to redirect customers to the tea brand’s website, turning their trial experience into a purchase decision.

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Results and Impact

The collaboration brewed exceptional results:

  • Conversions: Out of the 24,000 samples distributed, the campaign resulted in 261 conversions, translating to a conversion rate of 1%.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The sampling program not only introduced customers to new tea flavors but also provided them with a sensory experience, enhancing their overall engagement with the brand.
  • Strengthened Partnership: The success of this campaign paved the way for an expanded relationship between HelloFresh and the tea brand in 2023.

Our collaboration with the international tea brand was a resounding success. By leveraging our sampling program and providing customers with a sensory experience, we managed to drive significant interest and conversions. This positive outcome highlights HelloFresh as an impactful platform for brands to introduce and promote their products.

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