Why Meal Kits Make Great Corporate Holiday Gifts

Published on 27 Oct, '23 by HelloFresh Group

Why Meal Kits Make Great Corporate Holiday Gifts

As the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time to show a little extra appreciation for your coworkers and teams. While traditional corporate holiday gifts are nice, meal kits offer a unique alternative. They go beyond being a mere gift; they offer a fresh perspective on thoughtful gifting. Here are a few reasons why meal kits make a great holiday gift idea for your employees.

A Genuine Gesture

With corporate holiday gifts, you want something that's not just practical but also memorable. Instead of the usual stuff like tote bags or desk knick-knacks (that get lost in the shuffle), a meal kit brings immediate usefulness wrapped in thoughtfulness. In times when the cost of living is steadily climbing, providing free meals not only shows your appreciation but also eases the pressure on your team’s wallet. Instead of spending money on groceries, they can get dinner delivered to their doorstep.

Variety of Options

When it comes to employee holiday gift ideas, you can never go wrong with food. And the great thing about gifting your team a meal delivery kit is that they can choose from a variety of options. Depending on their dietary preferences and tastes, they can explore a whole bunch of delicious plans. For example, at HelloFresh, you can choose between family-friendly, vegetarian, carb-smart, and more. No matter what you pick, sharing a meal, even across virtual tables, can build camaraderie among employees and enhance your company culture.

Fun for the Whole Family

What’s something that families like to do together over the holidays? Cook and eat food. That’s another benefit of offering meal kits as a holiday gift. It provides a stress-free and enjoyable culinary experience for the whole family. Usually, meal kits include easy, step-by-step recipes so that all ages can participate in making a home-cooked meal. Regardless of the appetite or household size, this gift idea could help bring the family together.

A Gift Wrapped in Responsibility

If sustainability is an important practice at your company, then offering meal kits as a holiday gift is an excellent way to meet those needs. Typically, the ingredients within each kit are sourced directly from the producer and delivered with minimal detours. Each recipe box contains pre-measured ingredients, contributing to a reduction in food waste. Consequently, meal kits result in 25%* fewer carbon emissions than equivalent meals prepared with supermarket ingredients.

Explore Gifting Meal Kits For Your Team

If you’re seeking a new approach to holiday gifting this year, consider meal kits. They offer more than just a meal. They give you a chance to give your team delicious food, a culinary adventure, and a sincere token of appreciation. 

If you are interested in gifting your employees meal kits or a different type of partnership, please contact us. We would be happy to help.

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