How and Why to do Product Sampling?

Published on 23 Oct, '23 by HelloFresh Group

How and Why to do Product Sampling?

In today's competitive market, finding inventive ways to engage with customers and make your brand stand out is crucial. While some turn to digital marketing or traditional advertising methods, product sampling remains a great option to build product awareness.

What is Product Sampling?

Product sampling is a marketing strategy that allows customers to try a product firsthand without any obligation to purchase. It creates a win-win scenario: customers enjoy a risk-free trial, and brands can showcase their offerings and gather insights. And, according to research, 73% of consumers said they were more likely to purchase a product after trying it.

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What is a Common Type of Product Sampling?

Indirect sampling has become a popular digital product sampling method over the years. 

Indirect Product Sampling

Indirect product sampling, also known as e-commerce sampling, leverages digital platforms to send samples directly to consumers' homes. This approach allows customers to experience the product at their convenience. Brands can send free samples to online shoppers or offer a choice of samples with online purchases.

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How to Get Started with Product Sampling?

Set Goals

Define the main objective of your sampling campaign. This could include increasing brand awareness, boosting customer engagement, collecting feedback, or driving sales. Your goals will serve as a guide to shape the overall strategy and execution of the product sampling marketing campaign.

How to do indirect product sampling:

  • Promotion and Driving Traffic: Implement strategies to promote the availability of samples and drive traffic to the landing pages of the sampling program. This can include social media promotions or other methods.
  • Brand Partnerships: Partner with another company, online retailer, or subscription box service to help put your product in front of a new audience. For example, at HelloFresh, we offer brands different ways to introduce their product to our customers through our food delivery service.
  • Follow-Up: Send follow-up emails after the samples have been delivered to collect feedback. Offer incentives, like discounts on future purchases, for completing feedback forms.
  • Tracking and Analytics: Use tracking codes and analytics to measure the success of your sampling campaign. Monitor metrics like website traffic, sign-ups, and conversion rates post-sampling. Some partners, like HelloFresh Group, also offer surveys, in order to gather product feedback.

Why Should You Do Product Sampling?

Introduce a New Product

Product sampling is a great way to introduce your brand to individuals, especially those hesitant to try new products without firsthand experience. This tactic not only educates consumers about your product but also showcases its unique features and benefits in a practical and memorable way.

Set Your Brand Apart

Creating a unique and memorable brand experience through product sampling can foster recognition and preference among your target audiences. This investment sets you apart from competitors, demonstrating a level of confidence in your product's value and quality.

Establish Goodwill

Offering free samples instills a sense of goodwill and trust between your brand and the consumers. The gesture of giving encourages reciprocation, making consumers more likely to make a purchase when they’ve had a positive experience with a sample.

Collect Customer Feedback

Collecting feedback through product sampling provides insights into consumer preferences and opens a line of communication between your brand and the audience. This feedback can be pivotal for product improvement before a full-scale launch. Encouraging those who received a sample to leave a review can also help generate genuine reviews, providing invaluable social proof for your brand.

Incorporating product sampling into your marketing strategy is a great way to meet your goals. Not only could you boost brand awareness, but you could foster a lasting impression with your audience.

If you are interested in product sampling, please get in touch. We have a lot of different options to help promote your brand.

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