From Kitchen to Cleanup: The Power of HelloFresh and Household Brand Partnerships

Published on 26 Feb, '24 by HelloFresh Group

From Kitchen to Cleanup: The Power of HelloFresh and Household Brand Partnerships

We’re dedicated to enhancing our customers' lives, not only with our recipes but through carefully curated partnerships. That's why we often team up with household product brands to complement our offerings. By seamlessly integrating these collaborations into our meal kits, your brand becomes part of our customers' daily routines, from cooking to home maintenance.

Building Brand Loyalty Through Exclusive Discounts & Promotional Packaging Inserts

One of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to connect with customers is through promotional packaging inserts, such as in-store redemption vouchers, online coupon codes, or information about your company. By incorporating your brand's exclusive discounts into our meal kit boxes, you're not just reaching an audience; you're engaging with a community passionate about home living and cooking. This is a great first step to fostering customer loyalty with HelloFresh.

Additional benefits to promoting your brand through packaging inserts include:

  • Elevated Brand Visibility: Promotional inserts not only boost brand awareness but also position your brand as a key player in enhancing our customers’ mealtime experience.
  • Increasing Sales: Exclusive offers tailored for HelloFresh customers can significantly influence their purchasing decisions. It's a win-win: customers get to explore your products at a special rate, and you see a tangible uplift in sales.
  • Direct Engagement with Your Target Audience: Our customers are already inclined towards products that elevate their home and cooking experiences. By aligning your brand with HelloFresh, you're engaging with an audience that’s eager to embrace products that resonate with their lifestyle.
  • Customer Engagement: In a digital world, the physical touchpoint of a packaging insert creates a memorable brand experience. This direct engagement enriches the customer journey, making your brand a memorable part of their HelloFresh adventure.

How Does This Partnership Program Work?

Adding promotional inserts to our meal kits boxes is part of our HelloPerks program. Here’s how you get started: 

  • Determine Your Campaign Reach: Establish the scope of your campaign by selecting the number of promotional inserts you’d like to send out, the type of offer you wish to incorporate (coupon, voucher, QR code, etc.) and the regions you’d like to target.
  • Design Your Promotional Insert: Decide on the appearance of your offer and whether it should be placed directly inside the meal kit box or within a branded envelope.
  • In-Box Distribution of Inserts: Depending on your targeting options, inserts are included in HelloFresh or Chefs Plate boxes. We’ll share images or videos of what the inserts in the boxes looked like.

Brand Integration

Partnering with HelloFresh offers more than just visibility; it's about creating a cohesive experience. As our customers enjoy the flavours of their freshly prepared meals, your household product brand can play a pivotal role in the next step of their journey—the cleanup. Whether it's through kitchen gadgets, innovative cleaning solutions, or organization tools, your products can enhance the HelloFresh experience, making every meal an opportunity for your brand to shine.

Strengthening Brand Associations

With every delicious meal, the connection between your brand and HelloFresh grows stronger. This association not only reinforces brand recall but also positions your products as indispensable companions in our customers' culinary journeys.

Incorporating your brand into our meal kits not only adds value to the customer experience but also highlights the symbiotic relationship between cooking and cleaning. This strategic partnership elevates the everyday, turning routine tasks into opportunities for brand discovery and engagement.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch. We have a lot of different options to help promote your brand.

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