Benefits of Food & Beverage Sampling for Your CPG Brand

Published on 27 Oct, '23 by HelloFresh Group

Benefits of Food & Beverage Sampling for Your CPG Brand

In the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, it’s essential to distinguish yourself and capture consumers' attention. Product sampling is a valuable strategy that not only engages consumers but plays a pivotal role in the success of the brand. This can be achieved through methods like indirect sampling (sometimes referred to as e-commerce sampling). Here are a few benefits of sampling and why it’s an invaluable asset in the CPG brand toolkit.

Promoting New Product Launches for Your CPG Food and Beverage Brand

One of the best ways to launch a new product is with food and beverage sampling. By offering a sneak peek or a taste of what is to come, brands can generate excitement and anticipation among consumers. The outcome? A ripple effect that permeates the market, boosting initial sales and establishing a positive trajectory for the new product.

Reducing Purchase Hesitation & Driving Product Trials Through E-Commerce Sampling

When it comes to trying something new, hesitation can often hold us back. However, food and drink sampling is a great way to overcome these fears by offering a risk-free experience. By trying a product before purchasing, consumers can feel more confident in their decision. If a customer likes the product, this could pave the way for potential repeat purchases and cultivate brand loyalty. In e-commerce, sampling through subscription boxes or trial-sized offerings can entice consumers without commitment, driving product exposure. Notably, the implementation of sampling strategies frequently leads to a surge in sales, highlighting its effectiveness in both consumer engagement and revenue generation. 

Testing Out New Food & Beverage Flavours

The food and beverage landscape offers many flavours waiting to be discovered. However, introducing a new flavour is like venturing into unknown territory. CPG product sampling acts as a guide, helping brands navigate consumer taste preferences and customize offerings that resonate and bring joy. HelloFresh had great success using this tactic with an international tea brand. As a result, we were able to drive product awareness and significant conversions.

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Garnering Customer Feedback

The conversation between brands and consumers is the cornerstone of continuous product refinement. Sampling events are more than just a showcase; they are a channel for feedback, offering a goldmine of insights that can steer product development in a direction that echoes consumer desires. In a recent partnership with a well-known chocolate brand, we did just that. After running a food sampling campaign, we collected customer feedback, which in turn played a crucial role in the company’s marketing efforts.

Providing a Tangible Experience in the Digital Age

As the digital tide continues, the attraction of tangible experiences becomes more precious. F&B and CPG brands hold a unique key to unlocking these encounters through product sampling, offering a sensory-rich experience that leaves a lasting imprint.

Food and beverage sampling is more than just a fleeting encounter. It’s a shared journey of discovery for both brands and consumers. As CPG brands navigate the complex market, incorporating sampling into the marketing playbook can be a game-changer.

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